Our Story!


In 2014 we opened Morning Bird Coffee, a coffee cart in a business park in Mission Valley. Here we discovered the joys and struggles of being a small business owner and began our journey into the world of specialty coffee. 

As our interest and passion for coffee grew, we decided to take a trip and learn more about the process from bean to cup. We spent five weeks in Peru learning about the different varieties of coffee, when and how it is harvested, how it is processed, the difficulties farmers and workers go through on a daily basis, what "Fair Trade" truly is, the truth behind organic coffee, and how coffee culture can be so different in other parts of the world. 

Our trip to Peru inspired Jimmy to learn how to roast. Now that he had experienced coffee in its entirety, he wanted a chance to share just how delightfully complex coffee can be. As a perfectionist, he knew the only way to do this was to roast it himself. In 2016 we opened our second Morning Bird Coffee location in a business park in Carlsbad. We also purchased a roaster and rented a small warehouse space in Miramar where Jimmy began roasting coffee for both locations.  

The development and opening of Jaunt Coffee Roasters stems from the natural progression of wanting to share the intricacies and nuances that coffee holds, much like wine, chocolate, or beer. Coffee is much more than your morning pick-me-up. It showcases the hard labor of the farmers and workers, the soil and region from where it comes from, and the journey it takes from seed to cup. The arduous labor and process the bean takes needs to and should be appreciated by all who enjoy coffee. Jaunt Coffee Roasters wants to highlight, to the best of its ability, all of coffee's wonderful characteristics and allow you to take a jaunt with each cup. 


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